Come visit our local residents

Home to Kunekune pigs, a breed of pig native to New Zealand

Our animals

Richmond Farm Lodge accommodation in New Plymouth wouldn’t be what it is today without a number of friendly farm animals.

These include a couple of Kunekune/Caption Cooker pigs named Louise and Mr Pinkie, both of which are native to New Zealand. Our pigs’ favorite pasttimes at our New Plymouth accommodation include basking in the sun, taking a dip in the mud wallow or just getting a good scratch behind the ears from our accommodation guests.

We also have a number of chickens, producing fresh eggs daily for your eating pleasure. They all enjoy grazing on the lush green grass of our New Plymouth luxury accommodation and eating food scrapes or old bread and vegetables either from the house or from dinner leftovers dropped over the fence by visiting friends and extended family.

Our house cat Bebe also enjoys the country lifestyle of our boutique accommodation in Taranaki, wandering over the paddocks and checking out what everyone is up to.

During your visit to our bed and breakfast, please feel free to spend time with our farm animals as they enjoy the company and attention.